Monday, April 9, 2007

Daily Links...

  • Check out this awesome article about the Women's Executive Network which recently paired 92 of the most powerful women in Canada with 92 proteges from all areas of business and government (Globe and Mail).

  • is not always a magnet for informative or gender sensitive articles about working women (I will never forgive them for their article this summer advising men not to marry 'career women') and this article questioning whether women are happy with the glass ceiling is no great exception. It does however have a great link to tips on how to break through the glass ceiling at the bottom (

  • This is an awesome article about a woman who runs her own business selling sustainable, biodegradable product packaging (Globe and Mail).

  • Now that women are making more money, Forbes reports on one of the costs of success - women paying alimony (

  • Maybe I'm a bit of a prude... but this creeps me out. A porn star whose parents manage her career! Yikes! (ABC News).

  • Reliable Plant, an industry magazine, has an interesting article about gender still being a hurdle for women execs (Reliable Plant).

  • Finally, here's an article about women being more worried about retirement and less prepared. I know that the majority of women here reading the blog are young... but its never too early to start thinking about retirement! (Courier Post).

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