Thursday, April 12, 2007

Daily Links...

  • This article in Arabian Business is pretty awesome. Its about Forsa (which means 'Opportunity' in Arabic), which is an investment fund created 'by women and for women'. The fund is holding a forum to help empower women in their career aspirations (Arabian Business).

  • Apparently the religious right in Iraq are forcing women to dress traditionally. Faiza Abdal-Majeed told The Washington Times that because of this religious conservatism "We're being pushed back 1,000 years in time" (

  • After last month's political gaff in Japan that saw the government try to pretend that it had nothing to do with the thousands of women who were forced into being 'comfort women' during the Second World War, here's an article about a fund that had been developed to help comfort women... that seems to try to compensate them without having the government straightforwardly admit its wrongdoing. Come on Japan! Just own up to the suffering that was inflicted on thousands of women from China, South Korea and North Korea already! After having gone through all that they already have... I really don't think these women should have to spend their twillight years fighting for an apology! (BBC).

  • A Swedish study says that 'Gender Equality' is bad for women's health. Sounds quite sensational... but let's look at the fine print which this Edmonton Sun article does superbly! It turns out that by 'gender equality' they really mean women who work and then have to go home and pull a 'double shift' because their partners don't actually belief in real 'gender equality'. Equality between the genders is about far more than just women gaining parity within the workforce... the gendered division of work within the home obviously has to change as well (The Edmonton Sun).

  • In light of our article in our recent issue about Human Trafficking, this is a heartbreaking story about Assam's 'Missing Women'. In a region wracked by conflict and home to a quarter of a million people who have been displaced, it is unfortunately not surprising that it has become a hotbed for this type of activity (BBC).

  • The Golden Women's Community Resource Center that serves women in rural BC has received good news! It will be getting a $50,000 grant that it applied for from the Status of Women Canada. The center, which has relied on SWC for support for the last 27 years, had a tense few months after the Status of Women agency was rehauled and given new funding priorities which caused them to cut short their hours. Now they will be using the money to fund their program titled: ‘Putting Women on the payroll: Overcoming the challenges in rural B.C. to improve women’s economic status in our community’ (The Golden Star).

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