Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gender and Leadership

In major league nation states, women are making appearances in top leadership roles. America and France are major western industrialized nations with females running for leadership of government. Particularly in the US case, I have been paying attention to the news and media surrounding and no I don't care if she is in a pant or skirt suit. This is NOT relevant to her progress as presidential candidate!

As for Hilary herself... I'm not sure how I feel about her as a feminist . On one hand, we desperetly need to see responsible leadership and female representation in the US but I have trouble with the example a woman candidate presents when she doesn't leave her husband when such obvious disrespect is present.

This article really discusses the perception of female leaders.

Check it out, let us know what you think about this and share an opinion (or two) about Hilary. Below is an expert from the article:

"Gender is no longer an issue of competence. The crude question of "can a woman hold top political office?" has transmuted into exacting assessments of the candidates' personal attributes according to sexist stereotypes."


Jeppa said...

You claim to not care about whether a woman is wearing pants or a skirt as that has no bearing on her politics, so why comment on her marriage? I was just at a pro-choice demonstration at the UBC campus, and while I was there a major talking point for a lot of the pro-choice feminists was that it's time for our society to start trusting women to make decisions, especially important, personal decisions. I think deciding whether or not to end one's marriage definitely counts as a difficult personal decision. I think the tendency to be overly critical of the personal lives of women in the public sphere is a symptom of patriarchy and is misogynist. You have no way of knowing why Hillary chooses to stay married to her husband, and there's no reason to assume that whatever reasons she has are inherently unfeminist. Is there some kind of arbitrary feminist code I'm unaware of? Hillary's feminism ought to be debated, sure- but on the basis of her politics and public statements, not her personal life.

Amanda Reaume said...

Hey Jeppa,

I agree with you. Hillary's marriage is not relevant to her career as a politician. What bothers me most is when people use it to say that her successes have been because of Bill and that she's riding on his coattails.

Whatever one might think of Hillary, she is a very hard working woman and should be considered in her own light.