Thursday, April 19, 2007

Karenna Gore Schiff Reads Antigone!

That is Karenna reading Antigone... and also my
hand passionately explaining to her what it's about!

Well, Antigone and I went on the road Tuesday and Wednesday to Chicago for the 2007 International Athena Conference and Antigone made quite the splash! For those who might not know, Athena International is an organization that seeks to support and promote women's leadership.

The organization believes that "What is honored in a country will be cultivated there" (Plato) and this concept led them to the idea of acknowledging and honoring those quiet leaders, mostly women, whose efforts were adding immensely to the fabric of their communities while they remained unacknowledged and not visible as leaders.

I would like to emphatically thank the Windsor Chamber of Commerce's Athena Committee for naming me one of their 2007 Scholarship winners and enabling me to attend this wonderful event! Here's a picture of the other two 2007 scholarship winners and three members of the Athena Committee of Windsor.

Anyways, getting to the post's title, the foundation was honouring Karenna Gore Schiff, the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore and the writer of Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America , a book about unacknowledged female leaders. Not only was she reading Antigone, but she is going to do an interview with the magazine talking about women in politics in the US. She was definitely fascinating to talk to and listen to and she has said that she would consider going into public service in the future - she would make one great politician!

So, who else did I manage to wrangle into promises for interviews? Well, I'm glad you asked. Look forward to interviews with Martha Mayhood Mertz, Athena International's Founder, Shinae Chun, the Director of the Women's Bureau in the US Department of Labor and Sandra Pupatello, Ontario's Minister of Economic Development and Trade as well as, the Minister Responsible for Women's Issue.

Also, I managed to get some ground covered in potentially expanding Antigone Magazine to other Universities! Look forward to more news about that over the summer! And if you would like to see just how much fun we had - check out the album I posted on facebook with all the pics from the trip (this link should work even if you aren't a member)!

Amanda Reaume, Toni, Martha Mayhood Merz, and Cathy Dishke Hondzel

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Jillian Gordon said...

Good job Amanda, your dedication to the project is so necessary and inspiring. I'm glad you had a good conference!