Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kim Campbell

It’s not everyday that you get to have tea with a former Prime Minister. Interviewing Kim Campbell was a wonderful experience and one that I will not soon forget! She is a fiercely intelligent and passionate woman and it was a great pleasure to sit down with her and speak to her about women and politics.

In her interview, Campbell talks a lot about the need women have to find a work/life balance when they get involved in politics or the business world, and how much of the changes in women's lives have come from a reimagining of men’s roles. As Campbell says:

The advancement of women has been as much a transformation of male roles and expectations as the removal of formal barriers.

This made me think about stay-at-home dads and the growing phenomenon of men choosing to be primary care givers, as well as, the way in which such positions redefine and refigure typical masculine roles. What I find interestin gis the number of men who have chosen these roles which are, indeed, more than you may think!
Two other interesting takes on men and feminism are articles by male feminists about how feminism has benefited men (and all people).

Feminism also benefited me in my relationships with women. The women I dated in college and afterward no longer looked as me as a 'success object' -- someone who would provide for them. They were strong and motivated enough to take care of themselves. They sought careers and adventure, and a man who would be an equal partner. Thus, I had the luxury of dating, and eventually marrying, a woman whose full potential was not curtailed by society's limitations.

Interesting stuff! If there are any men reading - I'd love to know how you feel about feminism. Also, it would be interesting to hearhow both young men and women intend to maintain a work/life balance and deal with child care issues...

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