Friday, April 13, 2007

Ms. Stronach's Departure from Politics by Ann Wicks

11:52am Today
Letter to the Editor:

As the media reflects on Ms. Stronach’s departure from politics, two things are clear: there are still barriers for women in politics and the media does not know how to cover women in politics.

Today, our nation’s newspapers used these words to describe Ms. Stronach: all butt and no-brains, blonde-ambition, princess, Daddy’s little girl, a lady under suspicion, the other woman etc. What message does this send to women?

Politics is a man’s game and you are not welcome. Women still encounter barriers when seeking elected office: stereotyping and perceptions of women's roles and abilities; few women role models; media imbalances in the treatment of women politicians, family commitments; failure of political parties to bolster women candidates, and exclusion from informal party networks.

Canadians need to ask their political leaders: is it just for the voices of half the population to be excluded from power? What are you going to do about it?

Ann Wicks
Executive Director
Equal Voice: Electing More Women in Canada

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