Friday, April 27, 2007

Progressive Bloggers and Rose's Place!

Antigone Magazine is happy to join both the Progressive Bloggers and Rose's Place teams! Welcome to any new readers that come to us from both of these communities!

A quick primer on Antigone Magazine:

Antigone is a magazine about women and politics that started the University of British Columbia. Founded with the help of WILLA UBC (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association), the magazine was launched in November, 2006 and has interviewed the likes of Kim Campbell, and Elizabeth May, as well as, covered issues such as pay equity and women's political place in Canadian politics.

Antigone's goal is to interest young women and men in advancing women's leadership in Canadian politics and in advancing women's issues. Antigone launched its blog in March 2007 and is currently seeking to expand to other universities. If you are not a UBC student and would like to buy a yearly subscription to Antigone Magazine ($12), or if you would like to help bring Antigone Magazine to your university please e-mail

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