Monday, April 9, 2007

Surrey Female Councilors Rebel; Form Coalition

I was really intrigued by article this= the other day about the shakeup in parties and councillors in Surrey municipal politics. Three women left the well-established party SET to strike out on their own:

[SET President] Scott Nicoll gazed at the resignation letter from Surrey Electors Team members Barbara Steele, Mary Martin and Linda Hepner. They were leaving the party to join Mayor Dianne Watts in a coalition of independents called Surrey First.

The story sounds like an excellent example of women working together:

First-term councillor Martin said she joined the new coalition because she wants to support Watts in the next election.

"I certainly want to see our mayor run in the next term and win in the next term because we've got so much more that we want to do," she said. "So it was important for me to be on the team the mayor was on."

Martin said the new Surrey First team is in many ways just a reflection of the close working relationship the four women have already built over several issues, such as crime reduction.

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