Sunday, April 8, 2007


Happy Long Weekend to All!

On a less enthusiastic note... Easter Sunday is one of the most important days in the Christian religion and no doubt it is a busy day for the Pope. Why, may I ask, can we not see a WOMAN in this role?

Antigone's latest issued featured women in the workforce. There have been many advancements for women in the workplace and these have all been won by hardworking and dedicated feminists. This issue of the magazine dealt with some of the concerns that come with this new found ability to participate in a wider area of the labor force, we looked at child care and pay equity and examined how these issues negatively impacted working women. Feminist agree that these are critical issues to examine and amend. I think it is also a critical issue to look at the sectors of society that are still taboo for women. Even given the advancements of the feminist movement, women are still thought to be incapable of leading a world religion.

This is a really important question to post for discussion and debate. What jobs are still taboo for women, why and what can we do about this?

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Amanda Reaume said...

Growing up Catholic (and a feminist), this was a quesion that I brought up quite a great deal.

My problem was the dictate that keeps women from priesthood essentially was because traditionally the early Catholic Church only chose male priests and that Jesus only had male disciples. This however contradicts the way in which Jesus always treated women within the New Testement - which was always like equals.

The problem then is for very conservative institutions like the Catholic church to acknowledge that divide and to cease seeing women as mothers/wombs or as nuns/helpers. What the church also needs to do is accept all people within the priesthood - whether married or celebate and stop their agenda to push gay men out of the priesthood.

Here's an interesting article about nuns protesting their role in the church: