Thursday, May 31, 2007

Negative Representations of the body???

I have been taking a very interesting Women's Studies class and we have bee talking about representations of the body. How do negative representations of the body effect young adult women? How do they play into our interactions in classroom settings and the workplace? What do you think?


Berlynn said...

Women's bodies have been represented as meat, as sexual objects, and, more recently, as Earth. I see the former two as contributing to the rampant consumerism we are now experiencing and to the ridiculous levels of anorexia, bulemia and other eating disorders rampant among women and girls.

The latter, however, is a reclamation, perhaps, of women's deep connection to Earth, an eco-feminist presentation of humans -- but especially women -- as part of nature. I think it may well help us reverse what is currentlly going on.

My .02

Anonymous said...

Why are "especially women" part of nature? what exactly is women's deep connection to earth (are men only shallowly connected thus?).
The fact that ancient cultures fixed upon the duality of earth/female vs heaven/male doesn't mean it's fundamental, liberating, or anything at all, really. It's a neat pattern that's useful for a variety of anthropological, literary, and spiritual studies maybe. Maybe it has roots in the inherently different biological roles and shapes of the human bodies. But do I want to 'reclaim' ancient sumaria's gender sterotypes? no, no I do not.