Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BlogHers Unite!!!

I found a really cool new initiative this morning that I wanted to share with our readers. Blogher.com is going to be using womne bloggers to focus on a twelve month action plan to make a difference on an issue that affect women around the world. In Canada, they have partnered with MommyBlogsToronto to figure out what Canadian issue is important to women and which they should work towards. They are currently seeking suggestions for that issue to focus on, so I encourage you to send your imput along. I know I'm going to suggest the focus to be increasing women in politics!!!

MommyBlogsToronto (http://mommyblogstoronto.com ), the “better than a playdate” destination for Canadian parents, has joined forces with BlogHer (http://blogher.org ), the Web’s number one guide to women bloggers, to promote blogger action on political and social issues.

BlogHer recently announced a new global activism initiative called BlogHers Act (http://blogher.org/node/20421 ). This initiative will harness the energies, ingenuity and influence of women who blog to execute on a 12-month plan of action focused on a single global issue.MommyBlogsToronto is proud to announce plans to work in parallel with this initiative, leading a uniquely local charge to encourage Canadian bloggers and blog readers to take action on an issue of concern to Canadian women.

They are currently seeking input from readers to identify this issue and will announce the chosen direction at BlogHer Conference ‘07, taking place in Chicago on July 27-29.Catherine Connors, editor of MommyBlogsToronto, says, “we were beyond inspired by the passionate response to the BlogHers Act call to action, and began having discussions about how we could carry some of that inspiration into the Canadian blogHERsphere.

Our goal is to bring Canadian women bloggers together to take action on a Canadian issue. To effect real change."“We are pleased and proud that BlogHers Act has inspired the women of MommyBlogs Toronto to spearhead their own focused BlogHers Act project as part of the BlogHers Act initiative,” said BlogHer co-founders Elisa Camahort, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone. “We expect BlogHers Act to tackle the causes the community develops, and we look forward to seeing what the community of Canadian bloggers sets out to accomplish.”

To learn more and join in the inspiring discussion visit MommyBlogsToronto at http://mommyblogstoronto.typepad.com/mommy_blogs_toronto/2007/07/we-talk-a-lot-a.html and BlogHer at http://blogher.org/node/21784

This is such a great idea! I think bloggers have the ability to unite together to create major changes and activism. This project is definitely cool! Write your thought in the comments about what issue you think they should focus on that affects women in Canada!

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Her Bad Mother said...

Thanks for spreading the word! We're so excited about this project - we know that Canadian women bloggers are a tremendous force for change.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!