Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sex Week Continues with... REAL DOLLS!

This one goes out to Feministing that first alerted me to this video. I figured that since we've been having discussions about sex for the last few posts, we might as well make this sex week! Next week is probably going to focus on women and the law! If anyone has any story ideas for that please pass them along!

Now, I'm not talking about the Pussycat Dolls either. Although perhaps that's another post. I'm talking about Real Dolls. Lifelike looking sex dolls that cost upwards of $6,000-12,000. Yes. That's right, sex toys that cost more than some cars. Well, you see these dolls are top of the line. Lifelike. And they've created an entire community of 'idollators' - men who 'enjoy' these dolls. Now the community ranges from those that simply see the dolls as masterbatory aids, to others who see these dolls more as 'girlfriends'. There are even sites that display provocative pictures of these dolls, dressed up and posed in different outfits.

Please watch the above documentory. Also, here is a great Salon article about the phenomenon for more background. The company's website is enough to frighten me for life!

I must say that it's quite creepy. And scary. And even sad (as they said at Feministing). But it is mostly frightening. The appeal fo the Real Doll is that one can customize it oneself. Choose its boobs, shape and lips and vaginal size. Get different vagina inserts and tongues. Change the dolls faces. The men say that they like the doll because she 'never complains' and things 'never get weird'. They say, according to the company that manufactures it that they are fifty year old men who order these dolls saying they will never be able to sleep with women who look like this and so they are buying and customizing their sex doll/mate.

I think what I find mostly disturbing is that unlike most sex dolls there is actually a community of owners who see them as companions. Some would rather be with a doll than a real woman... even if they could get one.



April Reign said...

Sounds like perhaps a social or psychological disorder.

I'd rather they impress dolls with their prowess and dominance than have some poor woman at their mercy. As many men of this age have "mail order brides".

Better to treat property as property than a human as such.

Anonymous said...

Good point, April Reign.

However, it all gave me the creeps . . . and made me feel very sad for these human beings so desperate for love and being unable to have a relationship with another human being. I wonder how they became so damaged.

Angus Cheng said...

I've seen the Real Dolls featured in another documentary-type show (might've been SexTV or similar) and I'm surprised that there were no mention of the male version of these dolls in this particular video.

Duy said...

Why do you think she left the man in the end?