Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Antigone Magazine Awards an 'In Need of Enlightenment' Award to NDP Candidate...

I'm excited to announce that Antigone Magazine's inaugural 'In Need of Enlightenment' Award will be going to NDP candidate Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, featured yesterday on the blog for his sexist remarks about women and politics! The award, sponsored by Ayesha Laher, will include a one-year subscription to Antigone Magazine's print publication.

The award is not meant to embarrass any of the recipients, but rather to be a suggestion to them that perhaps they do not entirely understand the struggles that women, and particularly women in politics, are going through. By providing the recipients with a subscription to Antigone Magazine we are encouraging them to inform themselves about women's issues and to work with us to help make a difference for women in the future.

We encourage nominations for future 'In Need of Enlightenment' Awards to be sent to antigonemagazine@hotmail.com. We also encourage you to support the program by sponsoring subscriptions. Subscriptions to the magazine are $12 and cheques can be sent to:

Antigone Magazine
Box 61
6138 SUB Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

Please be sure to specify that they are for the 'In Need of Enlightenment' program.

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