Sunday, October 21, 2007

The F Word - Vancouver's Feminist Radio Show

Congratulations to Nicole and Alana from the Vancouver Feminist Action Project, who launched their new radio program 'The F Word' this Saturday! These fabulous radio hosts are going to be on Vancouver's Coop Radio 107.2 FM every week talking about feminist issues, playing great music by female artists and talking about feminist happenings around Vancouver.

The two were absolutely fabulous this weekend on their debut show and I should know! I was honoured to be their first guest and interview! What a great opportunity to take part in such a wonderful show and to also promote Antigone Magazine and CONNECT: A Woman's Networking Lunch on Friday, November 9th from 11:30-1:30 in UBC's SUB Ballroom. Thanks to the F-Word girls for the opportunity

Tune in here for more details about the day and time of their weekly radio show! These girls rock!

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