Friday, October 12, 2007

Pakistan tries to get more women involved in politics...

Pakistan has been making and effort to try to get women involved in politics. They will be holding a two-day national convention on the 'Role of women in politics'. Unfortunately, this takes place after the general election and so will not help more women get elected this time out. It is however always good when a country recognizes that women are important to the success of their legislatures.

Ministry of Women’s Development (MoWD) is planning to hold a two-day national convention on ‘Role of women in politics’ after the general elections to increase women participation in the political system of the country.

An official of the ministry while talking to Daily Times said women were lagging behind in almost every field of life and their increased representation in politics would help them empower at every level. We are planning to invite women representatives from all over the country to guide them to strengthen their role in politics, he said.

He said in current political situation role of every strata of society was evident except the women.“Women’s representation in the parliament should not be only a formality but they should have a role in decision-making,” said the official. He said five to 10 representatives of women from each province and some from the federal area would be invited to the convention and successful women would deliver lectures to them

He said, “The convention is aimed at making the women aware that they are more than 50 percent of the population and have an equal right to participate in politics.” The official said the convention was scheduled for this month but was delayed due to the current political turmoil in the country.

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