Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Carole Taylor is stepping down...

BC Finance Minister Carole Taylor has unfortunately decided not to run for re-election in 2009! As one of the highest profile female members of the BC Liberals it is unfortunate that she will not be running again. But apparently there are rumors that she might be running for Vancouver's mayoral office. Sounds interesting...

VICTORIA - B.C. Finance Minister Carole Taylor, one of the provincial Liberal government's highest-profile members, has decided not to run for re-election in 2009.

Rumours she would make her exit from provincial politics after just one term had been rife for weeks when Taylor formally announced her decision Friday during her quarterly update of the province's books.

Premier Gordon Campbell stole some of the thunder in an telephone interview with The Canadian Press early Friday from Hong Kong, confirming Taylor had given him her decision last week, before he left on a trade mission to Asia.

"Someone of Carole Taylor's talents will be hard to replace," Campbell said of the woman he lured away from her job as chairwoman of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. to run in the 2005 election.

Taylor gave no specific reasons for deciding not to run again and deflected rumours she could be a candidate to be mayor of Vancouver, a post once held by her husband, Art Phillips.

"I'm getting calls and letters and meetings from people who wish that I would consider running for mayor," said Taylor, a former journalist and two-term Vancouver city councillor in the late 1980s. "I am saying to them in private what I am saying to you in public, which is at this point my only concentration is in trying to present a good budget."

She felt that she would remain as finance minister at least until that budget is introduced in February.

But Taylor added she would not be surprised to see Campbell do some rearranging to take a new cabinet into the election campaign scheduled for May 2009 under British Columbia's fixed-term regime.

Taylor also made it very clear she is not stepping down for so-called personal reasons.

"I would say it actually has nothing to do with it; I'm in a very good space personally," she revealed.

She said she catches up with her husband as he heads off to tennis or golf and her children are grown up and settled.

"I have time, and energy, to choose what I'd like to do next and I just simply haven't decided what that is yet," she said.

Taylor also played down suggestions her star status as a finance minister who had delivered multibillion-dollar surpluses and settled scores of B.C. public-sector contracts without mishap made her a natural to someday succeed Campbell as provincial Liberal leader.

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