Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Conservative Group tries to Influence Canadian Museum for Human Rights Mandate

Oh, dear. It seems like Real Women Canada is at it again. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is holding a public consultation and they have asked their supporters to flood the site with right wing suggestions.

If they had their way... the main exhibit at the museum would be a debate about whether gay marriage was a human right. Or you know, the need for women to get back in the kitchen. Please join me in counteracting their menace by circulating the link to the survey far and wide among progressive circles.

The consultation process ends March 15th... so get on it! Here's the link:

And here's an excerpt from Real Women's hilarious press release! Emphasis mine...

This has raised concerns that the museum, with its left-wing Advisory Board, would be used as a powerful tool to champion the Liberal government’s interpretation of human rights, such as abortion rights, feminism, homosexuality, etc. with only some legitimate exhibits sprinkled here and there to give the museum the appearance of legitimacy.

Fortunately the Conservative government changed the Advisory Committee in October to include individuals, mostly business men and women, with no known bias on human rights issues.

It is important that as many of us as possible, with a conservative perspective, provide input into this Museum as it will remain a part of the Canadian culture for many years to come. We want it to reflect basic human rights, not the trendy rights contributed by recent court decisions


Anonymous said...

Good find... I agree with you on the first two "lowlights"... damn does that writing make for great yellow journalism....

Your third bolded phrase regarding the "trendy" rights...recently contributed by court rulings...

I actually agree with what they say there... I don't think "popularity" of human rights should be a point in supporting... People shouldn't have to agree with human rights because it's popular.

"I support gay marriages because I know it's right."

"I support feminism because everyone's supporting it."

The latter being a rather perverse reason to support rights of any sort... in my opinion anyways... But those with that mindset more than anything would sway like wheat in a strong wind.

It's appropriate to show a timeline of major events in the battle for human rights, but it's inappropriate to start throwing fantastic figures and percentages to form persuasion based on trendiness.
I don't know how to go about doing that, but i'm sure someone out there has a way of doing it =D.

To sum it up... Trendiness and popularity are weak arguments that fail miserably in the debate for human rights! We should be supporting and celebrating human rights because it's the right thing to do! Not because it's popular!

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